How to Research Film Festivals

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Now that you are ready to submit to Film Festivals, where do you start? There are thousands of film festivals all over the world, so how do you even begin to navigate which ones to submit your project to?

Googling Film Festivals in your area is a great place to start. Depending on your budget, it is always a great idea to submit to Film Festivals that are easy for you and your team to travel to or find festivals where you have friends or family located so you can have support in those areas.


FilmFreeway is an excellent resource for finding Film Festivals in your area and all over the world, and you can see reviews from filmmakers that actually attended the festival and shared their experience. The top Film Festivals are always a great place to start. Be mindful of submission fees because these add up quickly and you do not want to limit opportunities to festivals that your film may get in.

• Searching by location.
• Popular festivals vs smaller festivals, where should you submit?
• Be Realistic.

Get involved with your favorite festival before submitting

Volunteering at the event is another way to get involved. Festivals are always looking for help at their events and it is a great way to meet other filmmakers and network before you hit the festival circuit.

These are just some tips to get you ready before submitting your finished project. You can read more about this and other topics on how to improve your festival submissions in our E-Book, the Film Festival Submitter’s Guide, also included in the Ultimate Filmmaker Bundle and in our newest release, the Annual Submission Pass Membership! Check them out!


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