The Pitfalls of Vanity Credits

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Streamlining Your Film for Festival Success

We’ve all been there – the thrill of seeing your hard work on the big screen, surrounded by your dedicated cast and crew at a private screening. It’s an exhilarating experience that often leads to the inclusion of vanity credits, a heartfelt gesture to acknowledge everyone who contributed to your film’s success. While these credits may be perfect for your private affair, they can turn into a stumbling block when it comes to showcasing your film in a festival setting.

Vanity credits, though endearing, can extend the runtime of your film significantly. In the competitive world of film festivals, every second counts. Festival directors are tasked with programming numerous films, and if your submission runs too long or includes moments that may lag in front of a festival audience, you risk being cut for that reason alone.


So, what’s the solution? Consider creating a festival cut of your film with concise and streamlined credits – you can even speed them up if necessary. Remember, the festival audience doesn’t share the personal connection you have with your cast and crew, and subjecting them to lengthy vanity credits can create an awkward atmosphere for everyone involved. By prioritizing a festival-friendly version, you enhance your film’s chances of making a lasting impression on the big stage.

Cinema Life was started from our love for independent filmmaking and helping filmmakers along their paths in the film industry with events and festivals that celebrate truly independent films.

These small steps can have huge rewards and make you and your project much more organized leading up to festivals. For more tips on how to improve your film festival submission, check out our guide, the Film Festival Submitter’s Guide!


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