A Letter from our CEO, Caroline King

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Dear Filmmaker,

Wow! You finished your film or screenplay! Get up and do your happy dance! This is such a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself. So many people dream of being where you are right now and here you are: you have a finished product of your hard work.

Now that you took that moment for yourself, it’s time to hit the ground running because you have to hustle to get your project seen by as many people as possible! There are film festivals, script competitions, pitch meetings, distribution channels, you can’t stop now! The last thing you want is for all of that hard work to literally go unnoticed because you do not know where to start.

Don’t panic!

This is only the beginning of your journey and here at Cinema Life, we are so happy to help you along the way.

I created this ebook because when I was early in my own filmmaking career I was in the exact position you are in now. I had this incredible film that I was so proud of and I was on top of the world, but I had no clue how to get people to watch it.

I didn’t just want to put it on Youtube right away. Sure, my friends and family could watch it but they weren’t going to be the ones that made it into the series we were hoping for. Also, a lot of film festivals disqualify films that are on YouTube so I didn’t want to risk our project not being seen at festivals.

From that first film I taught myself how to navigate the crazy web of the film festival circuit and I became a pro at submitting my projects, cut to today where I actually run 7 film festivals between Atlanta and Chicago.

It has been an incredible journey and now that I look back I realized how little information there is out there to help independent filmmakers navigate this industry, and how much gatekeeping there is to keep filmmakers out of the know. I hated this side of the industry and I was tired of watching talented filmmakers getting held back by the politics, favoritism and again, gatekeeping.

This guide was created from the knowledge gained from all of my failures and also what I have learned from my own festivals and hundreds of other festivals I have worked with around the world. Submitting your film should be fun, but most importantly, you need the right tools and knowledge to make sure you know how to appeal to film festivals and show your film or screenplay in the best possible light.

This book is PACKED full of information that will help you succeed. For example, did you know that some film festivals will take points off of your overall score if you do not attach a poster to your submission, or if you forget to add a link to your social media? Crazy, right? But there are so many tips in this book that will help you achieve the highest possible score from the judges and also how to have the best experience possible when you do get accepted to film festivals.

We also created a free media kit that you can customize for your own project because we want you to have as many tools as possible to make you and your project successful.

We are here to help you along your journey. Whether you are a brand new filmmaker or if you have been doing this for years, there is information in this book that can help you!

Best of luck on your journey. Don’t let anything get in your way of sharing your story! Our motto here at Cinema Life is:

Best Wishes,

Caroline King
Cinema Life Founder and CEO


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