Filmmaker Feature: Chenrui Zhang

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Chenrui Zhang

Name: Chenrui Zhang
Discipline: Director
Production Company: BRYAN Z Productions
Film: Lottery Robbery
Logline: In an attempt to get revenge on his ex-wife and fast cash, a newly divorced man and his airhead employee attempt to steal lottery tickets from the gas station he once owned.
Festival(s): Atlanta Comedy Film Festival
City you’re based in: Atlanta, GA
Short Bio: Chenrui Zhang is a renowned film director and producer celebrated in both Asian and American cinema. With a diverse body of work spanning feature films, documentaries, short narratives, and comedies, he infuses each project with meticulously crafted visuals and educational depth. Chenrui’s keen attention to detail extends beyond the script; he collaborates closely with production designers to ensure every element, from scenes to props to wardrobe, propels the narrative. A masterful storyteller, he leverages his extensive knowledge of film storytelling, psychology, and cinematic studies to create artistic, non-linear narratives that captivate audiences. Chenrui’s unwavering focus is on crafting compelling stories that resonate deeply with viewers.
Social Media Links: IG @c_bryan_z
Favorite Quote: “If you just love movies enough, you can make a good one.”
Interests/ Hobbies: Violin

How did you get started in the Film Industry?
When I first entered college, my friend and I impulsively created a gangster shoot-out movie, never imagining it would attract investment.

What are your upcoming and active projects?
A documentary about a world-renowned disabled tattoo master.

What type of stories interest you and why?
I am often more drawn to stories of ordinary people facing significant challenges. These stories, in contrast to those featuring larger-than-life hero characters, tend to be more compelling. The experiences of everyday individuals have a unique persuasiveness. Moreover, when ordinary people are pushed to their limits, the actions they can take often exceed our imagination. Such narratives are rich in dramatic tension.

What is your genre of choice?
Western, Heist, Dark Comedy

How are you creating a path for yourself in this industry?
In shaping my journey within the film industry, I’ve adhered to a few guiding principles. First and foremost, my commitment to cinematic excellence and the art of storytelling has always been my guiding light. Whether I’m wearing the hats of director or producer, or immersing myself in various film projects, my primary aim remains rooted in engaging and connecting with audiences.

I’ve actively pursued opportunities to expand my horizons and explore different storytelling genres, including those like black comedy and heist narratives that have always held a special place in my heart. Embracing diverse experiences has only deepened my understanding of the craft of filmmaking.

Rather than getting bogged down in the intricacies of the film industry, I keep my focus firmly on the core elements of message and storytelling. This approach allows me to maintain a strong commitment to artistic integrity, even in an industry that sometimes leans heavily towards commercial interests.

In essence, I’m humbly building my path by staying true to my passion for storytelling, welcoming diverse opportunities, and fostering connections within the filmmaking community. My goal is to continue crafting narratives that resonate and educate, contributing to the ever-evolving world of cinema.

What inspires you as a storyteller?
As a storyteller, my inspiration springs from the rich world of dark comedy and heist tales, which I adore. These genres offer a platform to explore complex characters, their desires for wealth, and satirical social commentary. “Lottery Robbery” serves as a humorous reflection on the pursuit of shortcuts to success. What truly drives me is the desire to entertain and provoke thought. I want my audience to laugh, engage with non-linear narratives, and ponder the consequences of seeking easy fortunes. This blend of entertainment, humor, and introspection is the essence of my storytelling inspiration.

How do you prep for a film, from writing to being on set?
My film preparation starts with a dedicated scriptwriting process, ensuring a well-structured narrative that engages the audience. I focus on character development and storytelling that conveys deeper themes, often through humor. Visual elements and scene design are essential to amplify the story’s impact. When transitioning to the set, I prioritize detailed planning, work closely with the cast and crew, and emphasize the importance of precise execution. The key is to balance entertainment, thought-provoking elements, and artistic vision to create a compelling cinematic experience that resonates with viewers.

What is the first thing you do when you get a script?
When I receive a script, my initial focus is on comprehending the narrative and its thematic intentions. I delve into understanding the storyline, the characters’ roles and development, and how the narrative unfolds. In particular, I analyze the characters, their motivations, and the way they contribute to the story’s themes. Additionally, I pay close attention to any unique elements or visual aspects that set the script apart. This helps me envision the visual and emotional impact the script could have on the audience. Ultimately, my first step is to immerse myself in the story, its potential for audience engagement, and how it aligns with the intended message or commentary.

What are a few lessons you’ve learned from your recent project(s)?
From my recent projects, I’ve learned that humor is a powerful storytelling tool. Comedy films can engage the audience even in somber stories, blurring the line between comedy and tragedy. Balancing humor and narrative is crucial, with well-crafted dialogue, scenes, and performances driving laughter.

What practical tips do you have for indie filmmakers (budgeting, marketing, directing)?
Firstly, when it comes to budgeting, creativity is key. Think outside the box to save money without compromising your vision. Utilize cost-effective resources and collaborate with talented, passionate individuals.

In terms of marketing, creativity is just as essential. Leverage social media, crowdfunding, and grassroots campaigns to promote your film. Engage with your audience, create anticipation, and make your project stand out.

As a director, don’t burden yourself with genre expectations. Whether it’s comedy, drama, or anything else, stay open to diverse storytelling. Let your imagination flow freely and trust your creative instincts. Avoid excessive pressure; filmmaking is a journey, so enjoy the process and allow your artistic vision to guide you.


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