Filmmaker Feature: Dwayne Logan

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Name: Dwayne Logan

Discipline: Director/Writer/Actor 


Film: “Black Thoughts” 

Festival:  Georgia Shorts Film Festival (Winner) 


City you’re based in: Nashville, TN


Short Bio (100 words or fewer)

A Chicago native, Dwayne is a filmmaker with a passion for telling stories that unflinchingly look into the depths of the human experience, crafting narratives that invite viewers to a state of introspection.  Decades of coaching & mentoring fuel Dwayne’s desire to make impactful content. His extensive background in dance, music production and athletics, undeniably appear in his creatives, as you’ll often find him infusing rhythm and movement into projects in unique ways.  As a beloved film community leader and highly sought-after commercial AD turned Director, Dwayne is poised to leave an indelible mark on every project that he touches.


Social Media Links: 

IG: dwayne_veritas_logan

Twitter: @VeritasLogan

Tell us about how you got started in the industry and what you’re currently pursuing.

Growing up I often found that I was frequently serving as a listening ear for friends and family members.  Once I began coaching, the same was true for my relationship with my athletes.  Listening evolved into counseling in a lot of ways.  Many of the conversations that I was having were really impactful and were making a difference.  I wondered if I could have similar conversations with more people at once and realized that Music and film would allow me to do that. My wife and I sold everything that we owned and refocused our energy on bringing this wild idea to life.

What sort of stories are you drawn to telling? Do you have a genre of choice? Why?

I love stories that in some way, allow me to experience the lives of others.  I think film is a wonderful tool for that.  I think of films like Sin Nombre, City of God, Rabbit Proof Fence, Boy, Biutiful, Fresh, Mother (2009), and so many more that uniquely transport you into another person’s world and allow your heart to connect to the characters in very real ways that remain with you after the film concludes.  If a film can in some way close the gaps that exist between each of us as we live in our secluded bubbles, it’s a film that I’ll want to watch.

How are you approaching forging a path for yourself in this industry?

I’m really grateful for the fact that I was able to start as a PA.  I worked in most departments, eventually spending the bulk of my time thus far as an AD.  Doing so, I was able to sharpen my craft thanks to tangible experience with a host of talented Directors, DP’s, Stylists, Art Directors and more while gaining a respect for what each crew member brings to a project.  I plan to leverage that experience along with my ability to write in order to give a voice to my very swollen heart.  I’m coming to the table with craft and passion and am determined to tell some important stories one way or another.

What inspires you as a storyteller? 

I’d say that I’m inspired by people.  It sounds really cliché, but that’s it for me.  I want to make films that make humans care about their fellow humans.  I want to make films that allow people to see each other and feel seen… to hear each other and to feel heard.

Your Process

Tell us more about your process as you prep for a film, or as you’re on set.

I’m a huge fan of immersive research.  A topic or concept is usually sparked on an emotional level.  However, that emotional level will remain shallow if I’m uneducated concerning the subject so I try really hard to learn as much as I can about the subject of a writing even if I think that I’m already intimately familiar.  From the research phase, I then move into writing which then flows as individual ideas for scenes that begin connecting like puzzle pieces.  My time as an AD usually kicks in and begins to scrutinize the writing from a very practical and logistical view which inevitably refines things and drips into a clear plan/shot list/boards/schedule.

What’s the first thing you do when you get a script?

The only experience that I have with scripts that I have not written has been as an AD needing to break them down into schedules or as a commercial Director needing to break them down into sections that speak to specific brand goals.  I’m really excited about the ability to Direct my own writings but would absolutely love the challenge and honor of being trusted to bring someone else’s pen to screen.

What’s one lesson you learned working on your last film?

Bringing Black Thoughts to life and seeing it out in the world has really taught me some invaluable lessons about this industry.  I’ve learned that a good film still needs to make its way to an audience and that there are people in this business who are really good at making that happen with intentionality.  From traditional marketing and distribution to social media presence, a film really needs to have a strategy in place for what its path of travel path should look like.  Black Thoughts was an interesting animal because I just desperately wanted to send it into the world as soon as possible in hopes of facilitating some much needed conversations.  It’s succeeding in that, however, I think that I’ll need to be much more strategic with my next films.

Any other practical tips for producing or for indie filmmaking in general? (Ex. tips on budgeting, marketing, hiring a crew – you can put as many as you want in a bullet point list!)

Directing:  Love on your crew.  No one works harder than a crew member who understands that they are valued.

Budgeting:  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Filmmaking is a collaborative art. 

Marketing:  Strategize, strategize, strategize!  




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