Filmmaker Feature: Jamie Janek

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Name: Jamie Janek

Discipline: Actor-Writer-Director-Producer
Film: Binky
Logline: Chaos can be therapy sometimes
Festival(s): Women’s Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta
City you’re based in: Atlanta, GA
Short Bio: Jamie Janek has an eye for detail. She’s been writing sketches with her original production company GinBlo Productions until she relocated and branched out on her own.
Social Media Links: IG @jamiejanek
Favorite Quote: “This too shall pass”

Interests/ Hobbies: Writing, singing

How did you get started in the Film Industry?

I first made a movie when I was in Junior High, I continued with more documentary kind of things through highschool. I then moved to Los Angeles to be an actor and started a production company called GinBlo Productions to do sketch work.

What are your upcoming and active projects?
Binky is still in the festivals and otherwise I am writing two pilots and I have a short silent film I’d like to do soon.

What type of stories interest you and why?
Funny Life experiences- because I’d like to make the world more open and be able to laugh at themselves more.

What is your genre of choice?

How are you creating a path for yourself in this industry?
I keep getting back up.

What inspires you as a storyteller?
The things that are true that you can’t believe are true. People and their stories.

How do you prep for a film, from writing to being on set?

I let each project kind of find it’s own footing. I can never predict how fast or how much time each project is going to take. It takes a big team and a lot of time.

What is the first thing you do when you get a script?
Well, read it. I know, hilarious- but you’d be surprised how many people just skim over a script. And then it depends- sometimes it’ll spark thoughts right away and sometimes, I need to let it simmer and go back to it.

What are a few lessons you’ve learned from your recent project(s)?
With Binky- I learned how important it is to have a great team- no matter how small. When you have a team who cares about the project everyone really puts their full effort in. I also learned how insanely hard it is too have an all outdoor shoot! Especially in Minnesota- so very cold. Perspective is everything – each day going in knowing something will probably not go “right” and knowing how to handle it is so vital.

What practical tips do you have for indie filmmakers (budgeting, marketing, directing)?

Do what YOU think is amazing. Never create a project because you THINK it will land in a certain way, or make a certain amount of money. Do what you find emotional, funny, crazy etc!


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