Filmmaker Feature: Michael Gene Conti

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Name: Michael Gene Conti

Discipline: Writer-Director-Actor-Shameless Multi-hyphenate

Film: To The Moon

Logline: Two struggling actors devise a foolhardy plan to rob the box office on the opening night of their new play.

Festival: Atlanta Comedy Film Festival 2021

City you’re based in: Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

Short Bio: Originally from West Haven, CT, Michael moved to Los Angeles where he dove head first into the world of acting. Taking some time to perform on stage in NYC, Michael then wrote and sold the series ‘Spooked’ to Hulu which thrusted him into the world of screenwriting. After his career took him back to LA, his short films and sketch comedy pulled him into the world of directing. As a result, Michael doesn’t always know which world feels like home… but Atlanta is where all three now orbit around him.


Social Media Links: IG @michaelgeneconti

Favorite Quote: “I’ve done my best. The rest is up to you. Which doesn’t bring me much comfort.”

Interests/ Hobbies: History, art, writing, collecting old stuff, Pokemon, board games, travel, Titanic, movies


How did you get started in the Film Industry?

A childhood dream that I just couldn’t wake up from.

What are your upcoming and active projects?
Currently in pre-production on a new supernatural/thriller short film while writing my third feature script.

What type of stories interest you and why?

Comedy, horror, and history because my life is a seemingly endless comedy of horrors that I hope gets remembered by history.

What is your genre of choice?
Horror. No, Sci-fi. No, historical dramas. No… comedy. Definitely comedy. I think.

How are you creating a path for yourself in this industry?

Writing and producing my own content while shamelessly self-promoting my work and exploring every filmmaking marketplace in the country in an effort to take my career to the next level.

What inspires you as a storyteller?

Truth, passion, and the human experience. Regardless of the genre, I’m always inspired by people and their stories.


How do you prep for a film, from writing to being on set?

Research, research, research!

What is the first thing you do when you get a script?
Read it!

What are a few lessons you’ve learned from your recent project(s)?
Patience. Not only with the process but with myself.

What practical tips do you have for indie filmmakers (budgeting, marketing, directing)?
Make it. Whatever idea you have, just make the thing. It’ll probably be bad at first but the more you make, the better each project will be. Write, film, repeat.


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